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Virus & Malware Removal

Today, it is easier than ever for PC's to get viruses, especially without the proper virus protection. However, even with the tightest security available, sometimes getting infected is simply inevitable.

When a PC is dropped off for virus removal, we start disinfecting from the outside in. First, we physically clean the case and blow out fans, removing dust and other debris from the internal and external components. Next, we run full hardware diagnostics to ensure there are no underlying causes for the symptoms. Then, we thoroughly comb through the OS, removing all viruses.

After the PC is debugged, we prefer to keep it for a little longer. This allows us time to fully test out the PC by running programs, browsers, performing updates, etc., ensuring we have worked out all of the kinks so you don't run into any frustrating problems when you get it home.

If you do not have a sufficient anti-virus program, we install a 30 day free trial Anti-Virus that is the most effective at preventing infections. Before this expires, we recommend purchasing it from us for the year as opposed to buying online because it has proven to be a headache for most customers. So, to save yourself some frustration and ensure it’s done right, you can purchase an activation code in store or over the phone. For customer convenience, we leave all programs used in this process on your PC so that you can continue to maintain performance and protection after it leaves our store!